5PM // $5 FEEDS

pre-orders close 9am Sun


5PM // $5 Feeds are all about having a church family meal together, straight after the 5pm service at our Coffs Harbour Campus each Sunday. It's free to come to church, and first time guests receive a free meal - so we just charge a nominal $5 to recoup costs for each serve. You don't have to eat with us though, heaps of people also enjoy catching up with friends, some eating, others not, after the service.


IF you're part of a family, we limit the cost to you at only $20, even if you have more than 4 people in your family, so that our time together isn't hindered by being an expensive meal.


We also have a vegetarian option - usually (but not always) some variant of the publicised main meal. If you want a vegetarian meal please be sure to select this option when pre-booking.

If you pre-purchase your meal here, you can skip the meal ticket queue and go straight to the serving table. The team there will mark off your meals when you collect them.


Do you need to pre-purchase your meal?

No. It's just that sometimes we do run out because we never know exactly how many to cater for. So if you pre-purchase your meal we set it aside for you so that you're guaranteed to get it! We think this is particularly helpful for people such as families, where having to change your dinner plan with tired hungry kids can lead to disaster (yep, we get it!).

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