The CAP Money workshop is a two-session money management and financial education workshop focused on a budget, save and spend principle. It is proven to have dramatic effects on the way people think about money, organise their finances, live within their means and get money under control.

It took 3 years of development, and it was trialled with over 250 people. Since its launch in January 2008 it has now spread and there are over 300 locations running the workshop and over 1000 CAP Money coaches delivering it to an estimated 3000 people in 2019. That is huge!

LifeHouse is now launching the CAP Money workshop and you have the opportunity to get involved doing the workshop and inviting others to come along with you. The money coaches (Luke Alcock and Mark Pelt) have been trained and are ready to help you run through the workshop. Luke is has been the LifeHouse Chief Operations Pastor for fourteen years and is a CPA, whilst Mark is a local small business owner with a staff of more than 10 people.

It’s practical, very easy, and interactive. You actually work through your own budgets and set the system up through the two weeks. At no point is there any requirement to discuss your personal financial situation with anyone else, although you may chose to do that when applying the system to your circumstances.


Participants have reported that the course has brought a great deal of peace to them. 98% said they would recommend the course to others and pass on skills learnt. The whole idea of CAP Money is to help people be on top of their finances. There are many benefits to being on top of your money, and that’s all part of our determination to see thousands of lives changed through CAP Money.