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Railway Kids


Ministry Purpose


Railway Kids gives help to vulnerable, neglected children living on the Indian railway platforms by providing: A place of safety, Practical assistance, Skills training, Emotional support, Encouragement, Love, Acceptance and the hope of a  better future. We are helping kids oppressed by violence and poverty to hope and dream again.


Contact Info


Bev Spence


What's Needed Most


  • Donations


Achievements last 12 Months


  • The purchase of a house that will be used as an Early Intervention Centre and Community Care House

  • Miraculously meeting the Love the One doctors who arranged surgery for Bhuri (now called Soniya) and who brought a team back to Agra to do a makeover on the new EI house and set it up for preschool

  • On March 3rd this year when about 50 Railway Kids and X Railway Kids joined staff, friends and a Coffs Harbour LifeHouse Team to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of LifeHouse Kids Agra, testimonies, performances and a dance party in the new EI house

  • A change of some staff has led to a strong and unified team hungry to learn more to equip them.  This past 6 months they have greatly benefited by training days with welfare, health and education professionals from Australia and the UK


Goals for next 12 months


  • To train staff for, and to implement a new project for holistic ministry and empowerment for small children and families who live on the streets or in congested housing close to the Railway Station in Agra. This will be implemented through the development of the Early Intervention Program and the recently purchased Early Intervention House becoming a “LifeHouse Care House” to this community

  • Establish clear pathways for working-age youths to break generations of begging and enter the workforce through skills training opportunities

  • Build further networks with like minded organisations for drug rehabilitation, skills training, family reintegration, staff training and program and curriculum development




LifeHouse Care

Ministry Purpose


To provide practical assistance in the relief of poverty, suffering, distress or misfortune. whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or financial.We will provide our time and resources in expressing our care to all people. Our vision is to be a significant and supportive community service delivering emergency relief assistance to promote programs for people facing substance abuse, life difficulties and financial challenges to generate positive client outcomes. To continue networking with community agencies and various local, state and federal Government services, so as to be relevant in building a better community. Our Services Provide Assistance with the following: food parcels; medications; clothing; furniture; electricity bills; telstra bills; water bills; crisis accommodation referrals; tenancy applications; assistance with documentation; personal crisis intervention; information services; network service referrals; mental health referrals; medical referrals; financial planning


Key Contact Info


Manager: Tony Peter

rOffice: 12 Earl St, Coffs Harbour | carehouse@lifehouse.net.au | Ph 02 6652 3116

Web: www.lifehousecare.org.au


What's Needed Most


Volunteers; Non Perishable Food; Financial Donations


Achievements last 12 Months:


  • Coastal Riders Winter Charity Ride, more practical and financial donations than 2012

  • Recognition from Department of Housing and Community Housing for ongoing client case management

  • 1st Christmas hamper drive, successfully blessed 300 families

  • Completed a full renovation of LifeHouse Care in Earl St

  • Won a grant

  • Received a photocopier

  • Achieved wider inter-agency recognition leading to strengthened referral processes

  • Assisted 2,500 families

  • New LifeHouse Care ministry: Immigration service for refugees and families

  • Won contract to facilitate Office of State Revenue work development order program

  • Won contract for Aldi’s food recovery program

  • LifeHouse Care has seen 4 whole families saved and added to the church, 3 single parents

  • LifeHouse Care continues to grow in public profile through secular media, where they are now coming to LifeHouse Care for perspective on current community issues

  • Get their own website up and running


Goals for next 12 months:


  • Successfully implement immigration service

  • Bigger and better Coastal Riders Winter Charity Ride & Christmas Hamper drive

  • Continued growth in community agency awareness and public profile for LifeHouse Church through LifeHouse Care




Christian Surfers

Ministry Purpose


Christian Surfers mission is to see the lost found in Christ. We do this by taking the gospel to the surfing community in a culturally relevant way, and through discipleship we seek to bridge the gap between the surf and the church.


Key Contact Info


Dave Malvern davo@christiansurfers.org.au


What's Needed Most


Prayer, Partnership and Finances are the three things that are restricting the movement of Christian Surfers. Warfare prayer against spiritual strongholds over surfing communities. Partnerships with local Churches to effectively send out missionaries to their local communities and Finances to be releasing surfers like myself into full time mission and service.


Achievements last 12 Months


  • Witnessed the work of the Christ by the power of His Spirit in hundreds of surfers in Nth NSW

  • Over 50 confessions of faith followed by repentance and fruit

  • 3 new missions have been planted

  • 3 surfers have given the past year to Christ by serving as interns through LifeHouse Leadership College

  • 70+ surfers are now intentionally and purposefully serving Christ with their lives


Goals for the next 12 months


  • Praying that a multitude of surfers will come to know Jesus as their Lord

  • Praying for open doors in chaplaincy both locally and nationally

  • Hoping for over 100 CS missionaries serving NTH NSW









Ministry Purpose


Reach unchurched families in our local community by providing a free service for children to attend church and be discipled.


Key Contact Info


Tim Hagenaar | tim@lifehouse.net.au


What's Needed Most


  • Volunteers

  • Pastoral volunteers

  • Drivers with LR or higher licence

  • People gifted in ministering to children high risk/high need


Achievements last 12 Months


  • Purchased a bus in September 2012

  • Consistently minister to over 50 kids and their families


Goals for the next 12 months:


  • Connect with families and build bridges so the come to church

  • Be able to offer more practical assistance i.e. Free tutoring, meet needs through Care Net, for the families to feel like they ask for help








The Pantry

Ministry Purpose


To provide super low cost groceries to the local community provided for through community donations, food recovery programs, and Food Bank Australia...to enable low income earners to find the self worth and value in being able to provide for their own family by purchasing groceries themselves rather than  through hand outs and the traditional welfare system.


Key Contact Info


Kellie Small - Coordinator Bello Pantry & Toormina Pantry

Ph 02 6652 3116


What's Needed Most

More clients through referrals from the church, Lifehouse Care, Lifehouse Shops and the wider community


Achievements last 12 Months


  • Moved into new Bellingen premises

  • Opened The Pantry in Toormina Care Shop

  • Bellingen Pantry has over 500 individual clients (this isn’t including their families the service provides for)

  • Toormina Pantry has over 200 individual clients (this isn’t including their families the service provides for)



Goals for the next 12 months


  • Find a new premises for the Bellingen Pantry

  • Reach 400 clients for Toormina Pantry

  • More volunteers in Toormina

  • Greater network of food donations at Toormina from the community and a greater community awareness of The Pantry in Toormina

  • For the Toormina Pantry to become a community in itself, for people to feel listened to, to feel like they’ve been helped and to be prayed for

  • For Toormina Pantry to have more facilities to help on a deeper level









Ministry Purpose


To present the Gospel to Kids and young people in our local public schools in a relevant and positive way.


Key Info


Tim Hagenaar : tim@lifehouse.net.au


What's Needed Most


  • Volunteer teacher



Achievements in last 12 months


  • Over 10 scripture teachers from LifeHouse

  • Combined ministering to over 1000 kids every week


Goals for the next 12 months


  • Toads going into 13 schools and performing scripture concerts

  • 5 new scripture teachers from LifeHouse Church

  • Every class being taught scripture

  • For schools & teachers to continue to be supportive and encouraging of scripture









Ministry Purpose


The mission of Lilyrose Pregnancy Support is to provide a life-affirming response to women, their partners and families who are struggling with an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy.  This is achieved by informing them and assisting them with their emotional, practical and spiritual needs.  Lilyrose also offers:  a service to women who are experiencing emotional/spiritual stress from past abortions; a mentoring service for pregnant women and women needing support after giving birth; community education programs; a referral service; a pregnancy counselling training course.


Key Contact Info


Coordinator/President: Carolyn Etheredge | contact@lilyrose.org.au


What's Needed Most


  • Prayer

  • Financial support

  • Public awareness of our ministry (including churches)

  • Volunteers are needed in the following areas:  qualified counsellors;  advocates/educators who are willing to speak and teach in schools & churches;  a financial planner;  someone to assist with fund development;  someone to assist with marketing and advertising

  • A facility which will have  space for a free ante-natal clinic which has been offered by Dr. Deirdre Little of Bellingen, as well as space for our services


Achievements in last 12 months


  • Continued strengthening of our organisation through structuring.  We now have a management committee/Board and four standing committees:  Community Education, Client Services, Finance & Development, and Marketing & Advertising - with Managers overseeing each committee.   Our Board continues to strengthen as we add professional from the community

  • Public awareness campaign through the Jetty markets -  a stall was set up which sold flowers and handed out our literature.  Many contacts were made

  • Education program to youth groups begun.  A stall was set up at the latest Youth Alive event at LifeHouse.  Volunteers mingled with the youth and communicated our message to them.  Each term our volunteers are speaking to the youth through church events


Goals for the next 12 months


  • Focus on education on pregnancy, abortion  and sexual purity among youth

  • October Baby movie fundraiser in July

  • Continue all our marketing/fundraising/education programs with the goal of reaching those women who are considering abortion

  • Make a dent in the horrendous abortion rate in Coffs Harbour (an average of 12 are performed each week)









LifeHouse Care Shop


Ministry Purpose


Provide low cost goods to the community and In conjunction with the Crisis ministry in Earl St, provide free goods for people in desperate situations;Open doors to share Jesus with people through firstly meeting their practical needs.


Key Contact Info

Craig Rathbone - 02 6658 0055 - craig@lifehouse.net.au - oversees all facilities in Coffs Harbour & Toormina along with vehicles

Jenni Bienefelt - 02 6655 0015 - jenni@lifehouse.net.au - oversees Bellingen Care Shop & Vintage Nest / Espresso


What's Needed Most


  • Donations of quality used furniture, clothing & electrical

  • Assistance sorting and selling & seeing Jesus become real to people


Achievements in last 12 months


  • Opened the Pantry in the Toormina Shop

  • Expanded North Side Shop & doubled the size

  • People meeting weekly to pray for others at the Toormina Shop


Goals for the next 12 months


  • Increase the opportunities to share Jesus through conversation, prayer & inviting people to church

  • Relocate our town store to a larger, more accessible premises








YOUTH Pancakes on Bray St


Ministry Purpose


  • Provide free breakfast on Saturday mornings to people who may not get breakfast

  • Build relationships with youth we may not be in contact with yet

  • Provide a positive environment in a hostile area


Key Contact Info

Dave Bosshard | dave@lifehouse.net.au