Boundaries with Kids

Dr Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend


Here is the help you need for raising your kids to take responsibility for their actions, attitudes, and emotions. Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend take you through the ins and outs of instilling the kind of character in your children that will help them lead balanced, productive, and fulfilling adult lives. Learn how to


• set limits and still be a loving parent
• bring control to an out-of-control family life
• apply the ten laws of boundaries to parenting
• define appropriate boundaries and consequences for your kids


You can access some of sessions on Youtube: 



Bec’s comment: In a world of dysfunction, there is an ever increasing need to raise children who will become functional healthy responsible adults. I read this book twice throughout raising our children. It brought practical tools to implement on a day to day/week to week basis, that would have long term positive effects. Whilst I could put up with or overlook some of their tantrums &/or annoyances (because I was their mum & I loved them unconditionally), that others may not. I realised that one day, my child would become and adult & the people who they would connect with may not appreciate or be able to overlook their ‘poor patterns of behaviour’. I desired them to grow into a healthy adult who would contribute to society – I desired that if my child were to marry someone else’s child that they would be a blessing to their future spouse & not a drain. It also raised awareness and equipped me into how to transition teenagers into young adults by approaching my parenting style differently. RAISING HEALTHY CHILDREN to become HEALTHY ADULTS is our fabulous responsibility as parents. This book gave me a FUTURE VISION for my kids & the COURAGE, DETERMINATION & TOOLS for my parenting NOW!


Loving Our Kids on Purpose

Danny Silk


The family is the vehicle for generational revival. Loving Our Kids On Purpose brings a fresh perspective on the age-old role of parenting. It incorporates the principles of the Kingdom of God and revival into your strategy as parents.

Loving Our Kids on Purpose will give you tools to:

  • Protect your connection with your children 

  • Teach your children to manage increasing levels of freedom 

  • Replace the tools of intimidation and control 

  • Create a safe place for children to build confidence and personal responsibility


This book also can come within a faciltitators kit which includes a dvd. 


There is also a series of Podcasts available that address specific issues that other parents are experiencing



Sacred Parenting

Gary Thomas


Parenting is a school for spiritual formation—and our children are our teachers. Instead of discussing how parents can change their kids, Gary Thomas turns the tables and demonstrates how God uses our kids to change us. You’ll be encouraged by stories that tell how other parents handled the challenges and difficulties of raising a godly family. Grow closer to Christ and your children as you learn to:

  • Freely enjoy your kids for who they are.

  • Build a closer, grace-based family.

  • Reduce the pressure felt for your kids to turn out perfect.

  • Manage anger and negative responses towards your child’s behavior.

  • Increase your sense of worth and respect as a parent.


The  series can be found at:

Part 1: God Hammer on our Soul

Part 2: It's all about him- God centered Parenting

Part 3: The hardest hurt of all

Part 4: Embrassing our insignifigance

Part 5: The gold behind the guilt

Part 6: The sweet side of sacrifice


Pastor Dad

Mark Driscoll


Every dad is a pastor. The important thing is that he is caring for his flock well. This book by Pastor Mark Driscoll looks at the ways that a father can raise his children well


Copy of this PDF book can be provided.