Railway Kids

Children and young people living on the pavements or in congested housing around the Agra railway platforms are highly vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and trafficking.  We are working with the community to protect the rights of children, increasing their sense of worth and providing them with choices.  This is achieved through a drop-in centre for children and training opportunities for the adolescents, literacy and sewing schools for young women in the surrounding communities, referrals to other organisations and practical support for families.


Ps Paul C Matthew has been managing LifeHouse Railway Kids since it commenced 10 years ago.  His faithful service in the community has established strong networks with schools, health care, NGO’s, Police, business and local government, all of which can be utilised to support the vulnerable families that LifeHouse works with.  This ministry creates links to our church planting program.

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“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.

And what does the Lord require of you?

To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.”


Micah 6:8

LifeHouse Mission Principles For Partners and Projects


  • Opportunity for people to hear the gospel, and choose, believe and outwork their faith.

  • Holistic transformation (spiritual, emotional, social and physical) as individuals and communities walk in whole relationships as God intended. 

  • Empowering individuals and communities to be active participants in their own development, encouraging choice and dignity

  • Partnering with indigenous services in the communities we work with (run by locals for locals) that are faith based

  • Asset-based, looking at strengths and resources of individuals and communities and loving as Christ loved us.

  • Pursuing sustainable models of change.

  • Standing up against injustice and oppression, advocating for the rights of individuals and communities.

  • Wise stewards of the money given, strategic and accountable.

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