The Christian Atheist

Craig Groeschel



Christian. Why does that word put a bad taste in some people’s mouths? Maybe it’s because too many Christians don’t know how to follow Christ. Religion is one thing—but a relationship is something else entirely. Discover the difference in Christian Atheist.


Four Part Sermon Series


1. I Believe In God but dont know Him

2. I Believe in God but dont fear Him

3. I Believe in God but dont want to go overboard

4. I Believe in God but dont trust Him fully


Watch the Video sermon and download the discussion questions.

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Starting Point: The Series

Andy Stanley


An 8 week series on assisting you grow deeper with God and your walk in Christ. 

This series has video for each week of approx 40 min in length accompanied by a set of discussion questions to help you work your way through conversations. 


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Bec’s comments: Andy Stanley communicates so effectively the good news about Jesus and this series solidifies one’s faith no matter how long you have known Jesus. Wether your group is made up of non Christians, baby Christians or mature followers of Christ, I’m positive that it will answer many questions of the heart regarding our relationship with God. In fact, some of group went home and watched it a second time with their teenage children and husbands. Here are just three topics from the 8 messages that are covered.


  • The three largest faith traditions—Judaism, Islam, and Christianity—claim the same starting point: a man named Abraham. All three agree that sin made a mess of the world and God started his clean up operation with Abraham. God made a series of promises and Abraham’s response to those promises didn’t just have implications for his personal starting point or the starting points of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. It had implications foryour starting point as well.

  • Practically speaking, rules are often the centrepiece of religious life. Many people think the Ten Commandments are rules that make a relationship with God possible. If you follow the rules, God will be happy. If you don’t, he won’t. But what if a relationship with God doesn’t depend on our obedience? When it comes to your relationship with God, what is the role of rules?

  • Guilt is powerful. Shame can be crippling. We all have things in our pasts that haunt us. We have sin. It only takes a word, a picture, or a name to bring it all back. We know we can do better from this point forward, but how are we supposed to fix the past? We can say we’re sorry. We can ask for forgiveness. But some of the things we’ve done hang over our lives like a cloud. What can wash away our sins?