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Lotty & Cie are the Senior Pastors of LifeHouse Church, a growing multi-campus church, based in New South Wales, Australia. While Cie grew up on the Coffs Coast, Lotty’s family moved here from India when he was 8 years old. Together they have been on staff with LifeHouse for over 20 years, fulfilling the roles of Youth Pastors, pastoral and small group oversight, as well as planting a LifeHouse Campus in Moree. In 2016, They took on the role of State Directors for Youth Alive, which they served in for 4 years. In 2020 Lotty was voted onto the ACC State Executive Leadership Team. They have been married for over twenty years, have four children, and are passionate about families, football (just Lotty) and faith. Their mission is to lead God’s people to live with an “As You Go” faith, taking the light of the gospel into every sphere of life.
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Luke Alcock

Chief Operations Pastor

LH Staff Photos 2023-29_websize.jpg

Mel Hagenaar

Executive Pastor

LH Staff Photos 2023-2_websize.jpg

Lauren Cougle

Creative Pastor

LH Staff Photos 2023-62.jpg

Jakin & Hannah Mai

Next Generations Pastors

LH Staff Photos 2023-13_websize.jpg

Tristan & Kaitlyn Paquay

Youth Pastors

LH Staff Photos 2023-46_websize.jpg

Jasmine Sykes

Kids Pastor

LH Staff Photos 2023-67.jpg

Mike & Danni MacCue

Coffs Team Pastors

LH Staff Photos 2023-52_websize.jpg

Amy Brockbank

Grafton Team Pastor

LH Staff Photos 2023-73.jpg

Andrew & Angela White

Northern Beaches

Campus Pastors

LH Staff Photos 2023-54_websize.jpg

Peter Ainsworth

Community Chaplain

& Pastoral Care

LH Staff Photos 2023-27_websize.jpg

Mandy Dawkins

Community Care Leader

LH Staff Photos 2023-58_websize.jpg

Peter Lott


LH Staff Photos 2023-56_websize.jpg

John Hardy

Thursday Service Coordinator

LH Staff Photos 2023-24_websize.jpg

Nato Hannaford

Regional Op Shop Leader

LH Staff Photos 2023-48_websize.jpg

Skye Carle

Executive Assistant

LH Staff Photos 2023-65.jpg

Michelle Grant

Missions Director

LH Staff Photos 2023-22_websize.jpg

Kellie Small

LifeHouse Pantry Leader

LH Staff Photos 2023-40_websize.jpg

Simon Testa

Governance & Finance

LH Staff Photos 2023-50_websize.jpg

Lucy Harris

Missions Coordinator

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