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One week,

for eternity.

Lord, your word says you can use anyone who is willing. I don't want to be a bystander while your kingdom advances across the earth. Please show me how my life can make a difference.

This offering is our opportunity to join together as a church, each playing our part in our mission; the great commission. Some gave one week’s income while others in faith gave one day and still others gave one month's income. It is not about the amount, but about us all acting in faith by the prompting of the Holy Spirit to see God’s Kingdom advancing on earth. All this week people are continuing to give their “One Week for Eternity'' offerings - you still have the opportunity to be a part of this miraculous provision. 

Some of our mission partners and projects are tax deductible. These are LifeHouse Care, school ministries including school chaplaincy and scripture teaching, and Lilyrose Pregnancy Support. To make a tax deductible donation please select below or specify one of these projects when giving online.

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