Connect Groups are a place for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and with others. It is where each person contributes and receives, creating a community of discipleship. Because of this, it is our vision to see every person connected into a healthy connect group where disciples are making disciples. Maybe you have been a Christian for over 50 years or maybe you are still deciding if you will become a Christian - no problems. A Connect Group is a great place to discover more about God and hopefully find a place of belonging. 


There are numerous Connect Groups that meet weekly or fortnightly, ranging from 1 - 2 hours at someone’s home, in a café, or at a park. Each group caters for people in different life-stages, ranging from young adults, mixed gender, to men only groups or mothers and couples. Discover the significance of regular encouragement & support in a smaller gathering. This is where you will find a small community in a big church - there is no need for anyone to feel lost in the crowd. 


We have many Connect Groups, so please scroll down where you can find a sample of our groups and possibly one that works for you. There are many others so you may like to complete an enquiry form & one of our team members will contact you, OR you can speak to one of our team in person after our Sunday services at the Welcome Table. 

We believe being involved in a connect group is a key component to growing your faith - learning more & becoming more like Jesus Christ as well as learning and enjoying to love and do life with others. A connect group is a small group of people who meet mid week for 1 - 2 hours, often having a coffee or a meal together. 

Check out the groups that might suit you & send an enquiry via the online form. 

Steve and Debbie Mai

Wednesday Evenings - Fortnightly 7pm to 9pm
Northern Beaches
Over 18

We love our miracle working God and long to know Him more!  We enjoy cheerleading each other in our journey with Jesus and we get excited about fresh revelation for His Word!  We want our time together to be refreshing and rejuvenating - so we connect through laughter, great conversation, prayer and making fun memories together!  We love 'doing life' with people of ALL ages, because there is much to treasure to gain from every age bracket.  We would be excited to have you join us!

Angela Leet

Wednesday Mornings - Weekly 9.30 am to 11.30 am

To create a space for women to come and feel connected, grow in their relationship with God, feel spiritually awake and come away feeling encouraged and valued.

Scott Carle

Monday Evenings - Fortnightly at 7 pm
Various Locations
Males 25 - 30's

We are a group of married men.  Our wives meet the alternative Monday nights and we aim to combine our two groups every month or two.  We just love doing life together.  We all love good food, good coffee and just hanging out.

PlayHouse Playgroup - Felicity Corry

Thursday Mornings - Weekly at 9.30 - 11.30 am.
LifeHouse Playhouse
Women who have bubs and young children.

Mums and bubs doing life together!  We meet every week on Thursdays morning in the Playhouse.  We encourage each other in our 'Faith Journey'.  We chat, we eat, we laugh and learn more about Christ whilst our bubs play.  All Mums and bubs welcome!

Sandi Turley

Monday Mornings - Weekly 10 am to 12 pm
Parent Room, LifeHouse (access via foyer)
Female 30's to 40's

Our group meets at LifeHouse Church.  Ages range from 30's to 70's.  We take some food to snack on and catch up with each other.  Then we pray before studying the Bible.  About 12.30 pm we go our separate ways feeling enriched by sharing in each other's lives

Skyle Carle

Monday Evenings - Fortnightly at 7 pm
Various Locations
Married Girls mid 30's - mid 40's

We are young married women with children, doing life together.  To make it all work we meet Monday nights, fortnightly.  Our husbands meet the alternative Monday nights.  We aim to gather all together around once every month or two.  We share connect group night around each home for hosting and leading, so we all have a chance to serve, and grow our skills.  We just love doing life together.

Heading 1

Lyn Howlin and Margaret Jenkins

Wednesday Afternoons - Weekly at 1 pm to 3 pm
Parent Room, LifeHouse (access via Foyer)
Female Know Your Bible and Other Study Group 55+

We chat over a cuppa, followed by praise points and prayer.  We follow with a bible study.  It's a wonderful time of sharing and learning.  Each week God answers prayers which we love to share with each other as we all grow in our faith.  We all have grandkids and love sharing about them too with wonderful advice from others.  My week is never quite complete if I haven't touched base with my beautiful girlfriends.  Thank God for a church that encourages CG's.

John and Bev Heather

Wednesday Evenings - Fortnightly at 7 pm
Mixed 45's - 60's

Our connect group is a group focused on people that live in the Toormina, Boambee, Sawtell area that are looking for a group that meets every two weeks on Wednesday nights.  We focus on building strong relationships, Bible study, Prayer and making disciples with people that we mix with socially and environmentally.  We are an open group for people of all ages.

Barry and Alison Quayle

Wednesday Evenings - Weekly at 7.30 pm to 9 pm
Northern Beaches

Mostly, but not exclusively couples.  All aged 21 with 20 - 40 years of experience.  Some working, some retired.  We usually work our way through a book of the Bible whilst drinking a cup of tea, watch the occasional DVD and have a dinner every now and again.  We meet Wednesday night at 7.30 pm - 9 pm.  Mostly at the Quayle's house at Korora but sometimes at Sapphire or Moonee.  A fairly normal bunch and very, very nice.

Peter Ainsworth

Tuesday Afternoons - Weekly at 5 pm to 6.30 pm
Parent Room, LifeHouse (access via foyer)
Men late 20's - 40's

Men's only group! Sorry girls, but sometimes us guys need some boy time.  We know you get that haha.  I'm looking forward to seeing men connect and be empowered to be better fathers, better husbands, better friends and leaders in life, family, church and community.  This group will be about inspiring men to fight the fight of faith they are called to fight.  Feel free to join us in The Parent Room, if you can.  See you there!

Stacey Woodham

Monday Evenings - Weekly at 7 pm

A group for women to get together and study God's Word as well as love and care for one another in life.

Annie Rope

Thursday Mid-Mornings - Weekly at 11.30 am to 1 pm
Parent Room at LifeHouse Church

I look forward to building beautiful friendships in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and trust.  We'll dig into God's word for treasures and challenge ourselves to grow into all that He has planned for our lives, cheering one another on with joy and praise.  We'll seek God's face and welcome the moving of His Holy Spirit as we learn to follow His leading . Expect love and laughter for the best is yet to come.  We meet after Thursday Church from 11.30 am to 1 pm in the Mother's Room.

Ian Mallon and Steve Spence

Thursday Mornings - Fortnightly at 6.45 am - 8.15 am
Artisti Cafe, 29 Vernon Street, Coffs Harbour
Men:  Middle Aged Blokes

This group runs alternatively to Steve's other PRAYER Connect Group.  We meet on Thursday mornings where we will be looking at the Bible and enjoying Coffee or Herbal Tea, maybe even breakfast for those who are hungry.

Ian Sutherland

Wednesday Afternoons - Weekly at 5pm
College Room, LifeHouse Church
Male 30+

Wednesday afternoon connect group held at the church is for our more mature aged men.  Each afternoon we share about what's happening in our world and pray for each other followed by Bible based discussion on issues that we face in a growing in a closer relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Kathy Camden

Wednesday Evening - Fortnightly at 7 pm
Coffs Harbour
Female 50's

Our connect group consists of a great group of women who meet fortnightly for a time of catching up with each other's news and having a laugh.  We love the presence of God and enjoy a time of worship, prayer and encouragement.  Spurring one another in pursuing God,  hungering for Him and becoming more like Him.  It's a great time around God's Word in a relaxed atmosphere and overall, a sense of belonging and friendship as we go about life.

Steve Spence

Wednesday Mornings - Fortnightly at 6 am
Coffs Harbour Health Campus
Men's Prayer Group

Business men getting together to pray.