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discipleship experience

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What's Next?: Your Journey to Know God,

Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference


Welcome to the first step of the LifeHouse Discipleship Experience. As a church we are passionate about supporting you, as you follow Jesus. Over 5 weeks, pastor Chris Hodges will be our facilitator as he leads us on a practical journey towards greater spiritual maturity. If this is your first step of faith, you’ll discover foundational truths that will set your course along God's path for you. If this is your next step, you’ll grow as you gain a deeper understanding of what God is doing in your life right now. 

Over the 5 weeks, we will cover some pillars for a life of faith. 
W1    The journey.
W2    Know God.
W3    Find freedom.
W4    Discover purpose.
W5    Make a difference.

As we see this five week discipleship experience as the most powerful way to begin or continue your life of faith, it has been made available to you at no cost. Each week you’ll be provided with your own printed study guide, coffee, tea and light snacks and most importantly, with a small-group coach to take you through this discipleship experience as you have the opportunity to discover what’s next on your journey of faith.


NEXT EXPERIENCE : Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:00pm, 1st March - 29th March, LifeHouse Coffs Campus




Anchored: Your Journey to Understanding the Bible

($50 to cover Book & Study Guide)


Do you find yourself asking, “I would love to hear God speak to me through reading His Word, but I just don’t know where to start?” Have you tried to read the Bible but feel like you are sifting through random puzzle pieces without the bigger picture needed to put it all together? Are you hungry to learn how to understand the Bible? Are you ready to have the Word of God anchor your faith so that you can stand on His Word in every season of life?


In this six week discipleship experience, we follow along with bestselling author, pastor, and theologian, Max Anders as he guides us through the entire Bible, providing us with an understanding of all the major biblical characters, the major events, and the major points of geography we need to know to get a solid grasp of the story of the Old and New Testaments. The idea is, that by joining together once a week, and then spending just 15 minutes a day in personal study for five days of each week, we will come to understand not only the facts and history of the Bible but also its teachings that have become such an important foundation of Western civilisation.

We’ll learn about the Ten Great Subjects of the Bible (the Bible, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, angels, man, sin, salvation, Church, and future things) and some of the more puzzling points of Scripture, such as why there are four Gospels, how to understand Jesus' parables, the importance of miracles, the importance of the Resurrection, and more.

For this six week discipleship experience, we gather together once a week with coffee, tea and light snacks provided, and a small-group coach to take you through each step, as you have the opportunity to gain a foundational grasp of the most important book ever written and how God’s Word has the power to change your life.

NEXT EXPERIENCE : Wednesdays, 6:30 - 8:00pm, 1st March - 5th April, LifeHouse Coffs Campus

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