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21 Days of Focused
Prayer & Fasting

Whenever someone mentions fasting, our minds instantly go to what we have to remove from our lives if we’re going to participate. Which is relevant, because obviously, fasting isn’t fasting unless we are removing something we long for. Whether that’s food for our bodies, or some kind of technology based entertainment. Yes, fasting requires us to take some things out, for the purpose of creating room for what we are adding in. The removal of food, technology, purposeless distractions and so on, is a great start, but that alone is not the goal of fasting. If all we do is remove food, then all we are going to get is a change of diet. If all we do is remove technology, then all we are going to get is a change in our lifestyle. The purpose of fasting, like any other spiritual discipline, is the transformation of our lives.

— Lotty Lott, Senior Pastor of LifeHouse Church

"Fasting isn’t about what you cut out of your life, as much as it is about what you bring into your life."

What Is Fasting?

Biblical fasting means abstaining from food or drink for a period of time. That’s it. The purpose of fasting is to create physical hunger within us. Then with those feelings of hunger, we satisfy ourselves in the presence of God, instead of in the fridge. 

Why Do We Fast?

The power of fasting is found in a diet that consumes the things of God. When Jesus becomes the sustenance for our souls, we really begin to understand the words of Jesus when He said, ‘People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4 NLT).

How Do I Fast?

The “Daniel Fast” is just one option. You can find out more on the Daniel Fast here. You could choose to remove one meal from your day, or certain foods from your diet. You could choose to only eat between certain hours or to only consume liquids. You could fast on the weekends, or on weekdays. You can even experience the feeling of “hunger” through other means like abstaining from social media and other forms of entertainment. 


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More Questions?

If you have any further questions about fasting, please contact us here, and we will address them directly.
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